I went to Bali for a short trip from Australia while studying abroad there. I have always enjoyed surfing even in Minnesota where I am from. I had heard Bali was an amazing place to surf and indeed it was. I found Leo from a friend who had surfed with him before. He is an amazing guy with great stories. He speaks english and Indonesian. He will give you the tips and trades to get around in bali so the locals don't take advantage of you. As for the surfing part, he will ask for your skill level and bring you to an area that is sufficient for you. He will push your skills to your limits to help you improve. He caters to your needs and paddles out with you to the break and gives you the low down of each wave, while surfing along with you. Weather you just want someone with you who knows the area to surf or if you want a detailed broken down lesson, he is there to do both. I looked over my shoulder and remember seeing a huge set coming, Leo yelled out let the first one go! I paddled through the first and saw the next wave coming. I quickly got situated and began to paddle towards the crest of the wave. It was a 15 footer and I was use to surfing on 6 footers. I got that feeling in my stomach and paddled as hard as I could. I shut my eyes and when I opened them I saw a large wall of water behind me after standing. I looked to my left and there was Leo with a big smile and myself as excited as ever. This was the biggest and best wave I have had of my life. I have surfed Baja Cali, Costa Rica, Florida, Punta De Mita Mexico, Lake Superior MN, Australia and Bali. Bali has been my favorite and is an experience I will never forget. I highly recommend Leo as your surf guide as he will even hangout with you outside of surfing and tell you all there is to know about Bali. -Andrew United States, Minnesota.

My pleasure Leo, had a ball mate. Sorry it took so long and theres so little. Hope you and your family are well. Bintang for life!


Leo Walsh from Bali Surfing Tours is the guy to contact. Hawaiian surfer been in Bali over 10 years now showing other surfers all the breaks that suit their level. Here's a recommendation I received for Leo from Jillian, a surf guide herself: "I booked Leo Walsh as a surf guide for 3 days of the trip and ended up booking more, he was unbelievable. I work for Nantucket Surfari where I'm a surf guide. I was blown away by Leo's hospitality, knowledge and professionalism. If anyone ever wants a reference when looking to book a guide please send them my way. Especially as a woman in my early 20's he was able to get me out into the best waves and I always felt safe with him out there with me in the lineup. He was always on time, and loved to get out to the breaks early, which meant more waves for us! My guy friends came along with me a few days and are actually beginners so he made sure they also had a good time showing them easier inside spots or places where they could still enjoy Bali's beauty. He made me and my friends a part of his incredible family for the week, it truly made our trip. With your references and guidance through your Indo Surf and Lingo guidebook, I could not have asked for anything more!

www.indosurf.com.au Indo Surf & Lingo + Surfer Travel Reports.

I have known Leo for quite a few years now. As a resident of Bali myself, we would often bump into each other at various surf breaks over the years and developed our friendship in this way. I always liked surfing with Leo because of his enthusiasm in the water; I found it very contagious and to this day still enjoy surfing together. One of the other things I like about Leo's surfing tours is how non invasive they are whenever he rocks up to a surfing spot. Other surf tour operators tend to "take over" whenever they arrive but not Leo. He and any client that have been with him show respect and have an educated view about pecking order. His Hawaiian background shines through in his shaka vibe and also in his surfing ability not to mention he rips in double overhead plus waves! I frequently call him when a new swell is due to arrive to get the inside word on where should be firing the best; rarely have we been skunked on a surf mission. I'm pleased to call him a friend and my surf guru, his knowledge of not just Bali but Indonesia is unquestionable. Look forward to the next swell arriving. Cheers.


Don't know where to go in Bali? Just call Leo Walsh! All you need to do is surf and he took care of everything! He is as local as one can be! Thanks for everything!

-Robert. SoCal.

I have traveled to Bali twice now with my father (Malcolm). Each time we have traveled, we have called Leo for help. Both times we have surfed with Leo, we have caught waves unforgettable whether it's giant waves with slow carvable walls that gently crumble for hundreds of meters or if it's hollow barrels with fast steep walls, we have got both. Leo picks the best spots with the best waves and the smallest crowds. If you’re ever traveling to Bali looking for the best waves of your life, Leo is the man! He has the most luxurious, spacious and fast van on the whole of Bali. He beats all the traffic, driving safely through crowded streets. His wisdom of Bali is defiantly unique, whereas his taste in music is awful (says the kid). Bring your own CDs! Hahaha IF YOUR EVER IN BALI, CALL LEO! He always produces the goods, even if he has to drive for 3 hours if everywhere on the island except one spot is working, he will do it! He is dedicated to his work and is determined to please his clients, he does whatever it takes! Leo #1 in Bali, without a doubt! Cheers -Harry Kindred.

I hired a morning only surf tour with Leo in Bali. His communications over e-mail were punctual and he arrived at my hotel on time to pick me up. His local knowledge was excellent and he took me to an uncrowded break which suited my surfing ability. In addition Leo is a really cool person and he invited me for dinner and a few games of pool (which I lost!), later that evening. I highly recommend Bali Surfing Tours! Cheers.


Leo wired us up on the first day and it was on from there. Great right handers at Canggu with a small crowd, and just a couple of people on the right hander, perfect start! From there we checked a secret spot with another small crowd and fun rights and lefts. Day three, we were up early and off to Balian, we had a fantastic drive through some awesome tropical rainforest's, and then we were presented with a smoking left and right, with everyone having a great time. More fun on day four with a dropping swell, but had a ball surfing longboards back at Canggu. Day five was spent by the pool at the awesome Villa, Leo and his wife Savira manage. The 7 days and 7 nights I spent there were bliss. Day six was challenging with Airport rights throwing up some solid 5 to 6 foot sets, moving on to Kuta Reef which was a lot of fun, but again challenging. The boat ride out, was essential, and a cheap as chips. Highly recommended. Day seven we were back at Canggu surfing fun rights and lefts, just a magic way to finish the trip. Leo knew the tides, winds and swell, his 13 years of experience can't be missed. For a first timer in Bali surfing you can't go wrong. Apart from the surfing, Leo can hook you up with some of the best eating in Bali, every one of his suggestions was a winner. Don't hesitate to book a Bali surfing tour with Leo, you will have a blast!

-Simon Douglas.

Thanks Leo, for the great time I spent in Bali. Leo was great in getting to the right surf spots and surfing with a small crowd. No hassles in driving to surf spot after surf spot, Leo knew were it would be firing and we went straight there. The surf was giant the first few days, and Leo was right there making sure our safety was utmost priority!!! Thanks for showing me around, and learning about the breaks, and how best to tackle the channels and the dangers. I saw some other Bali surf tours and they couldn't care less about their customers when it came to safety and showing them the reefs and channels. Looking forward to the great company on my next visit. Best regards.

-Peter - West OZ.



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