Bali Surfing Tours makes surfing Indonesia simple and fun. Surfing in Bali alone can be confusing because there are so many different breaks. My name is Leo and I have been living in Bali for many years to surf perfect and uncrowded waves. The first time I came to Indonesia (Bali), I went with a friend of mine from Maui (Hawaii), and we were like 2 lost kids in Disney Land.

A perfect barrel in Indonesia that every Surfer has dreamed of.

We didn't speak a word of Indonesian and our arrival to the airport was a nightmare. Everybody wanted take our surfboards to the nearest Bemo (name of Balinese`s public bus/taxi) and then, wanted money for carrying our boards about 20 feet. That`s the beginning of our confusion. There`re about ten taxis at the front of the curb and clearly not enough for everybody, and the bidding began. It was like buying a T-shirt in Mexico, except that everyone needed a T-shirt and there wasn't enough so they would barter for over an hour for the best price. So, we bargained for the best price to get in town (Kuta).


Finally, we got for hundred of thousands rupiah or US$20.00, which at that time sounded better. We should of paid 20.000 rupiah or US$3.00 we found out later. When our driver asked us where we were staying, we told him that it`s our first time to Bali and we didn't have a reservation anywhere. And of course, our driver has a cousin.. ? ( sound familiar ?) who owned the best place in Bali and would give us the best price.

A barrel in Kuta Reef, Bali, Indonesia

Then he also asked us if we wanted some jiggy-jig', he offered. We looked at each other, because we didn't know that 'jiggy-jig' term, so we asked him. He was laughing and said clearly,'women' and 'sex'. We were married at that time and pretty tired after our 14 hour flight. We told him thanks but no thanks.


The place he took us to didn't seem to bad, specially at 12:00 at night, and pretty cheap. It`s about $15 bucks each a night. However, in the morning when we woke up in our 'sweat box' and took a second look where we staying.


No Air Con, no hot water, and a ceiling fan with only one speed, low. The bathroom had no toilet. Just Indo toilet which has a hole in the floor for squatting and no toilet paper but a bucket to rinse with. And we thought it`s pretty funny until we saw a rat the size of a small cat. We decided then to look for a different place. This took most of our first day in Bali, we still didn't even unzip our board bags.

We found a nice place with air condition and hot water for about $25.00 each a night. Now we had to rent a car and that was almost harder then finding a decent room. We found a driver that would pick us up every morning and take us to where we wanted to surf and bring us back each day for only 150,000 rupiah a day ( about $20.00 bucks). The only problem was his English wasn't so great and he didn't surf, so we were on our own except for when our friends told us to go and buy a book called INDO SURF & LINGO which we thanked God we had.

Our first day out, we went to the famous Uluwatu and it was pumping 6 to 8 foot backs and kind a scary for our first time in Bali. Remember, we came from Hawaii and were used to surfing big waves but even my friend and I were like, 'damn!' this is pretty big. We caught some great waves and were having a great time until we got caught inside on a 10 ft. set. I remember when we were looking each other as the set broke about 10 feet in front of us and both yelled "Shit!!". Everybody I think got worked but I was thinking to myself underwater, am I ever going to come up. Of course, I have been held down before, but this time when I came up for my first breath, I had respect for Ulu's. We went to Uluwatu almost every day as the swell dropped. We were told that was the best swell of the year and seemed uncrowded until it dropped to 3 to 5 feet. We counted over 90 people in the water and looked elsewhere to surf.

We went to the Outer Reefs and Airport Lefts & Rights. Great waves and not so crowded. We started to explore more up the coast and surfed more perfect and uncrowded waves. We wanted to go further west but our driver said it was too far for him. So we rented two motor bikes with surf racks on them and off we went. Our destination was a place called Medewi. The book said it was the longest wave in Bali and well, we had to check it out. Of course the day we left there was a storm and it took us over 3 hours in the rain to get there. Driving a motor bike in Bali is an adventure anyway.

There are no rules or speed limits! It`s a free for all road game, and I don`t recommend it if you are not a seasoned rider. If you get in an accident, you`re guilty no matter who`s fault it is. Their thinking is if you`re not here on vacation, it wouldn't have happened.


However, after we got to Medewi, we were rewarded with perfect 200 yards of wave to shred. It was 4 to 6 feet and only 10 surfers out. The problem was that the other 8 surfers were locals and had this place wired and didn't know it was wrong to 'drop in'. For the first time in Bali, there was attitude in the water, and, unlike the States or your home break, you could express yourself. Here, in Indonesia, it is best not to make a scene.

However, that night, we hung out at the local Warung (restaurant) and saw the locals that were snaking us. I went over and offered to buy a round of beers, and the next thing you know, they were our best friends.

A surfer in a perfect barrel in Bali, Indonesia.

We surfed the next few days without a problem and made some friends. Well, our time was running out and we only had 2 days left of our 2 week stay. After we made it back to Kuta, we had to do normal stuff, you know, go shopping for our wives and friends because things here are so cheap. I knew when we got on the plane that I would be coming back to this special place every year to explore and surf the hundreds of breaks that we missed. After coming to Indonesia for over 5 years and exploring the different islands, like : Lombok, Sumbawa, Java, Nias (Sumatera), and the Mentawai island. I knew that this is where I wanted to live. Now, I live in Bali and have been surfing almost every day and started a company called BALI SURFING TOURS Since 1998.


My goal is to make surfing in Indonesia, fun and easy. I have put together tour packages for surfing that are complete and cheap. When you book your trip with us, you make friends and i will show you all of the spots. Actually, i can take you to any spot in Indonesia. We also have the latest info`s on the Surf Camps to G-Land, boat tours to other islands and up to date swell information.


If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me because it is free, and I would be very happy to answer any questions you might have.




Best Wishes,


Leo P. Walsh



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